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Railfanning CSAO on Black Friday Featuring NS 1800, Foreign Power, Standard Cabs, and More! 11/23/18

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Fridays are generally very busy on Conrail Shared Assets' Lehigh Line and Garden State Secondary. I took this opportunity on Black Friday to head down to CP Townley in Union and CP Ron in Port Reading to film trains with several other railfans. Despite the frigid temperatures, we were able to catch a great variety of motive power on the CSX and NS trains. Highlights of this video include NS SD70ACC 1800, the first SD70ACC conversion that wears a yellow mane livery which 1801 is the only other one to have; NS SD70 2527, an standard cab unit that is to be converted to an SD70ACC; and NS SD40-2 6150, an ex-Norfolk and Western unit.

I was with Jersey Shore Rail Productions, Reverse Studios, Jersey Railfan, Nick the Train Guy, Raillashup Productions, East Coast Rail Productions, and Trainmastersito. Be sure to check out their channels for great content!

Please note that the clips of the freight trains are heavily trimmed; this to reduce the length of the video. They should not be interpreted as the full length trains, which if every uncut video were included would total up to at least 40 minutes.

Special thanks to Donny (JSRP) for lending me his clip of Q409 since my phone died from the cold weather. K138 thumbnail credit to Matt (Jersey Railfan).

Thank you everyone for getting me up 600 subscribers! Shoutout to everyone that subbed.
CP Townley Pt. 1

NS 21M - 9:44AM
NS 4027 (GE AC44C6M)
NS 1040 (EMD SD70ACe)
UP 7606 (GE ES44AC)

NS I0W - 9:52AM
NS 2708 (EMD SD70M-2)
NS 7508 (GE ES44DC)

NS 24Z - 10:06AM
NS 9798 (GE C44-9W)
NS 2527 (EMD SD70)
NS 9491 (GE C44-9W)

CSX Q409 - 10:34AM
CSX 5482 (GE ES44DC)
CSX 383 (GE AC4400CW)
-Video description is incorrectly labeled as Q406; Q409 is the correct symbol of that train.

NS 212 - 10:55AM
UP 8214 (GE ES44AC)
NS 8126 (GE ES44AC)

CSX Q301 - 11:13AM
CSX 3276 (GE ET44AH)
CSX 5220 (GE ES44DC)
-3276 incorrectly labeled as ES44AH in video. It is an ET44AH.

NS 20E - 11:57AM
NS 8016 (GE ES44AC)
NS 1100 (EMD SD70ACe)
CP Ron

NS 20R - 12:38PM
NS 9261 (GE C44-9W)
NS 1800 (EMD SD70ACC)

CSAO PR-08 - 12:45PM; 12:54PM
CSX 8886 (EMD SD40-2)
NS 1703 (EMD SD45-2)
CSX 4429 (EMD GP40-2)

CSAO PR-06 - 12:50PM
NS 5286 “OLS” (EMD GP38-2)
CSX 4408 (EMD GP40-2)
CP Townley Pt. 2

NS 22V - 2:45PM
NS 7701 (GE ES44DC)
NS 9790 (GE C44-9W)

NS 33K - 3:08PM
NS 9028 (GE C44-9W)
NS 9532 (GE C44-9W)

CSX K138 - 3:19PM
BNSF 3876 (GE ET44C4)
BNSF 7546 (GE ES44DC)
BNSF 4965 (GE C44-9W)
BNSF 3843 (GE ET44C4)

NJT 5431 - 4:21PM
NJT 4013 (Alstom PL42AC)
NJT 7011 (Bombardier MLV)

CSX Q410 - 4:35PM
CSX 986 (GE ES44AH)
CSX 5317 (GE ES40DC)
CSX 5375 (GE ES40DC)

CSX Q158 - 4:35PM
CSX 213 (GE AC4400CW)
CSX 726 (GE ES44AH)

NS 20K - 5:08PM
NS 4007 (GE AC44C6M)
NS 8165 (GE ES44AC)

NJT 5435 - 5:25PM
NJT 4507 “Veterans” (Bombardier ALP-45DP)
NJT 6014 (Alstom Comet V)

NS 32A - 5:43PM
NS 7308 (EMD SD70ACU)
GECX 7755 (GE C40-8W)
NS 6150 (EMD SD40-2)

NS 63V - 6:26PM
NS 6987 (EMD SD60E)
NS 8070 (GE ES44AC)

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