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Foreign And Familiar (Bass/Baritone/Alto Guitar Song) - I Ran Out Of Tears

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I Ran Out Of Tears EP

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Artist Name: I Ran Out Of Tears

Track Listing:
01 Foreign And Familiar
02 How Dare You
03 Don't Flatter Yourself

Hope you can appreciate some emo music! The rhythm guitar is in a drop G tuning (yep, drop G for a pop punk style) on a baritone guitar, with the lead being on an "alto" guitar an octave above that. Add a bass an octave below the baritone and we've got ourselves an interesting arrangement! One that I had already started to explore with an "Experimental Instrumental" video I did a while back. Worth trying a whole EP!
Writing, recording, engineering and production by Kevin Monn.

Older "Experimental Instrumental" video


Let's just forget it all
Accuse the alcohol
I watch you rising from your injuries
I pass you as I fall
Hear me out, I tear my heart out

Stick to your facts
You said you like us where we're at
I'm such a really sweet boy
No need for something more than that
And you admit
You keep on flirting quite a bit
Secrets Pouring out of wounds from all the things I misinterpret
Hear me out, I tear my heart out

It’s like I know the words
To a song I’ve never heard
When i see her
So foreign and familiar
I know it sounds absurd
But I'm sure, i want her

Now I've been thinking
Different ways we're used to thinking
'Could you come downtown
I know somehow
You'd be here without thinking
And I'm afraid
All the rules that we obey
You like to be a mystery
While you sing inside you're cage
Hear me out, I tear my heart out


I don't have to be drunk to say
All the things you inspire
But I don't have to be sober to mean it
You're the rain and your the fire
I see things in you I see in me
Things in you I wanna be
When I hold you tight in disbelief
I smile at all the beauty (yeah)
(oh, yeah, oh)

...I'm sure I want her
I know it sounds absurd
but I'm so sure, I want her

Let's just forget it all
Accuse the alcohol

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