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Films to watch about Afghanistan’s culture

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Films and documentaries to watch about Afghanistan and about Afghanistan’s Culture.

The Patience Stone (Persian: سنگ صبور‎) is a 2012 French-Afghan war drama film directed by Atiq Rahimi, based on his 2008 novel of the same title. Written by Jean-Claude Carrière and the director, the film stars Golshifteh Farahani, Hamid Djavadan, Massi Mrowat, and Hassina Burgan.

Osama; is a 2003 drama film made in Afghanistan by Siddiq Barmak. The film follows a preteen girl living in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime who disguises herself as a boy, Osama, to support her family. It was the first film to be shot entirely in Afghanistan since 1996, when the Taliban régime banned the creation of all films. The film is an international co-production between companies in Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, and Iran.

Nafas is a young Afghan journalist who has taken refuge in Canada. She receives a desperate letter from her little sister, who has stayed behind in Afghanistan and has decided to end her life before the imminently approaching eclipse of the sun. Nafas fled her country during the Taliban civil war. She decides to go and help her sister in Kandahar and attempts to cross the Iran-Afghanistan border...

Kandahar قندهار : is a 2001 Iranian film directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, set in Afghanistan during the rule of the Taliban. Its original Afghan title is Safar-e Ghandehar (سفر قندهار), which means "Journey to Kandahar", and it is alternatively known as The Sun Behind the Moon. The film is based on a partly true, partly fictionalized story of a successful Afghan-Canadian, played by Nelofer Pazira, who returns to Afghanistan after receiving a letter from Dyana, her lifelong girl friend who was left behind when the family escaped, that she plans on committing suicide on the last solar eclipse of the millennium.
"Baran" is the story of Afghan refugees told through the eyes of an Iranian teenage boy named Lateef. His devotion to a person he barely knows leads him to the choice that will change his life forever. Academy Award nominated director Majid Majidi ("Children of Heaven"; "Color of Paradise") delivers a heartbreaking story of unrequited love.

بیوگرافی مختصر از شخصیت بزرگ و محترم کشور محمداکرم عثمان ادیب داستان‌نویس و دکلمه‌گوی افغان .

داکتر محمد اکرم عثمان در سال ۱۳۱۶ در شهر هرات متولد شد. پدرش غلام‌فاروق‌خان عثمان و پدربزرگش سپهسالار عثمان‌خان نام داشت. وی در رشتۀ حقوق و علوم سیاسی تا درجه دکترا در پوهنتون تهران تحصیل نمود. او سال‌ها گوينده و نويسندۀ برخی از برنامه‌های ادبی و اجتماعی راديو-تلويزيون افغانستان بوده و مدتی هم مسؤليت ادارۀ هنر و ادبيات آن مؤسسه را برعهده داشته است. بعضی از داستان‌های وی نظیر "مردها را قول است" و "دریاب خان" توسط سینماگران افغانستان به فیلم در آمده است.
همین‌طور دوره‌ای در آکادمی علوم افغانستان به عنوان مسؤل انستيتوت های تاريخ فعالیت و کار نموده است سپس در پست‌های مختلف وزارت خارجه افغانستان به عنوان کنسول افغانستان در شهر دوشنبه تاجيکستان و کاردار سفارت افغانستان در تهران کار کرده است.

آثار محترم داکتر عثمان .
اکرم عثمان در داستان‌نویسی و کار تحقیقاتی آثاری منتشر نموده است.
آثار داستانی
داستان کوتاه

وقتی نی‌ها گل می‌کنند، : انجمن نويسندگان، ۱۳۶۴
درز ديوار، : مؤسسه‌ی چاپ بيهقی، ۱۳۶۶
قحط سالی، سوئد، کلوب قلم افغان‌ها، اکتبر ۱۳۸۲

همین‌طور شماری از داستان‌های کوتاه اکرم عثمان به زبان‌های آلمانی، روسی، سوئدی، بلغاری و الفبای سیریلیک (در تاجیکستان) به نشر رسيده است.
مرداره قول است، کابل، انجمن نویسندگان افغانستان، ۱۳۶۷
کوچه‌ی ما (۲ جلدی)، تهران: محمدابراهيم شريعتی افغانستانی
No Burqas Behind Bars
is a 2013 Swedish feature-length documentary film made by Nima Sarvestani on life in a women's prison in Afghanistan. In Takhar Prison, Afghanistan, 40 women are locked behind bars together with their 34 children.
A Few Cubic Meters of Love
is a 2014 Iranian-Afghan romance film directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi. It was selected as the Afghan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Somewhere in the outskirts of Tehran a small factory illegally employs Afghan asylum seekers, who live with their families in old containers or modest shacks in nearby shanty towns.
Saber, a young Iranian worker, secretly meets Marona, daughter of Abdolsalam, an Afghan worker. A love story unfolds, the conclusion of which no-one can foretell.
The dancing boys of Afghanistan 2010

Hundreds of Afghan boys are trained to entertain male audiences, then traded for sexual favors among former warlords and businessmen.
Black kite 2017
Arian loves kites, but a changing Afghanistan stands in his way. When the Taliban ban kite flying, Arian all but gives up on his passion. But to give his daughter a sense of childhood that he once had, Arian risks his life to find and fly kites.
In this world 2002
In this dramatic re-creation, Jamal (Jamal Udin Torabi) and Enayat (Enayatullah) escape from the wretched Shamshatoo Refugee Camp in northwest Pakistan and embark on a perilous journey to England, where Jamal's uncle lives

Happy Afghanistan

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