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Eva Braun-Reel 5 of 8

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(This film is silent)
National Archives Identifier: 43461
Local Identifier: 242.2

From: Series: Motion Picture Films Confiscated From Foreign Countries And Sources, 1940 - 1944
Record Group 242: National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized

Scope and content: These are the private motion pictures of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, which were seized by the US Army, in Germany, in 1945. They were subsequently assembled into 8 reels by the US Army, from 28 reels of original camera rolls. The National Archives received this film in 1947, and in 2012 began the digital restoration process, using existing negative copies. The original 28 reels of footage was not originally compiled by the US Army in chronological or thematic order, and these reels reflect that original assembly from 1945. Shot list: Color, Title: "Ausflug zum Kehlstein", Nazi flag on car. B/W Scenes from car on mountain road, cars stops and people get out to take photos. B/W scenes of town market, Group of actors, including Hansi Knoteck, Paul Richter, Maria Andergast, Hans Deppe, and Fritz Kampers filming "Der laufende Berg" in Bavaria. Color, exteriors shots, Eva Braun and others in field. B/W, exterior, terrace resturant. B/W interior and exteriors scenes, wedding and reception of Gretl Braun and Hermann Fegelein. Includes shots of Hitler, Himmler, Martin Bormann, other German officials, and Braun and Schneider families. B/W, interiors scenes, Hitler with children at table. Shots of Christmas tree. Hitler talks with children; speaking a group of men (fast film speed). Exterior scenes, Hitler, Braun and others outside Berghof in snow, walking on path. Shots of people skiing. B/W, interior scenes in house. Woman and man dance; Braun, her family and others with dog, at a party; several people in costume. Color, exterior, Braun, her family and others greet officer on steps of house. Shots of Braun and others with dogs on lawn, talking and other activities in yard of house. Braun, her family and others in front of cabin on lake, by side of road. Titles "Der Fuehrer besucht seine Heimat am 12.VI 39" and "Das Grab der Eltern in Leonding." Wreath with Nazi banner at the grave of Hitler's parents. Title: "Gut Hafeld.". Exterior scenes car on road; on film set. Scenes of actors in costume. Titles: "Pause Mittagessen" and "Erneuerung der Schminke." Actors on break, Braun and others watch filming. Titles: "Siegfrieds Kraftprobe" and "Aussen-Aufnahmen" with additional scenes of actors and film set.

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